The Body Kneads Massage Experience

July 14, 2014

Massage therapy has proven to be a great way to relax while at the same time providing needed relief from stress while invigorating the muscles and circulation.

The Body Kneads massage therapists at are highly trained professionals who can give a healthy sports massage, a Swedish massage, or a deep tissue massage.

The Swedish massage is a very relaxing treatment that uses several techniques that promotes relaxation, easing of muscle tensions, and an increase in the blood circulation of the body. The Swedish massage is a very popular massage and is a great way to begin if you are new at massage therapy.

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper muscles and tissues of the body. It stresses the release of muscle "knots" and aschronic muscle tension. This is a very intense method of massage and is for people who are super tense or like a very strong type of massage.

A very deep, relaxing massage is the Hot Stone Massage. People who have cold hands and feet and who feel chilly will benefit from this type of massage because the hot stones help to increase the circulation and calms the nervous system. The tension in the muscles just melts away, and by adding just a little lavender, you will drift off to slumber land.

For the athlete, a sports massage is very beneficial for the release of tension, and warm up before a contest, and the recovery after the event, to cool down from the action. This method of massage is ideal for anyone who leads an active, physical life.

For migraine headaches, the Cold Stone therapy is ideal. Cold marble stones are used along with essential oils that are placed on the neck and head. The relief is amazing as the pain melts away.

For expectant mothers, prenatal massage has been developed to relax muscles that are tense and getting used to new bodily functions as the baby grows and places stress on the back and abdomen. It is designed to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and relax tense muscles that are being stretched. The therapy is designed especially for pregnant mothers and the changes that they are going through.

Massage therapy has been in practice for a couple of thousand years, and has been use for relaxation and therapeutic purposes for people to get out from under the stresses in their lives. Give Body Kneads a call today, and set a time to get your relaxation started now.